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I'm back! The 240sx made it and is alive!

I'm back! The 240sx made it and is alive! - Japanese

Last time i posted on car throttle was before they made the app update to how it is now. Last post i hate was the most heartbreaking post i had to make. Found out coolant was getting into the engine and flooded it.

After a long discussion with my dad and a few friends, i decided i want gonna give up and fix it. As of August 18th, the car came back from the shop ready to drive.

I actually did most of the head gasket replacement including sending the head to get machined and all. A lot of research was done. I focused more on this car than anything in my life at the moment. I sent it to the shop to get revised and found it distributor timing was still off and actually had a bad injector. I got it back and the entire sound amazing compared to when i first got the car. Runs way smoother and can’t wait to rev it After its break in period.

Btw, my dad didn’t pay for anything. I’m putting everything out of my pocket with what i get from my job. But he’s helping with so much. He’s the one redoing my back seats, door panels, etc. He works with fabric and stuff.

Up next is wheels, paint job and coilovers.

Gonna start a YouTube channel for the fun of it. Next post probably.