Half of my engine isn't firing properly

So this randomly started while I was out running errands when I can get a video of the engine running I’ll post that in the comments but it’s knocking loudly and slowly dieing, and it 3:45am in the morning and my neighbors like me so.. yea but this video explains what’s going on.. this also isn’t the first time I’ve had misfire problems, a couple weeks ago I had a misfire in cylinder 6 and it was cause it was oil fouled, cleaned it up cleaned out the oil in the coil tube that had pooled up at the spark plugs. Problem stopped immediately after that, tried to repeat the same process but after I had the car towed home I plugged in my scanner and it said cylinder 5 and 6 misfires checked the coils for any oil and they’re weren’t on 5 or 6 there was on 1 cleaned that up and now it’s throwing for 2 5 and 6.

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