What do you think about the BMW Z3?

BMW - What do you think about the BMW Z3? - Ask Car Throttle

Yesterday, I got a chance to get the full experience of owning a 2001 BMW Z3. I do not own one, but after the owner complained about the blatant smell of burnt motor oil, I got to get my hands on the car.
First, I took the roadster on a windy road, which wasn’t much of an inconvenience because he lives on a windy road. The car had an automatic transmission and I immediately switched it to the manual override option when I got into the driver’s seat. The response of the system was very late and I can honestly say I could have shifted gears faster manually than with the manual override. Based on the characteristics of the car, I wished it had a standard gearbox. The position in which you sat was nice and low, the steering wheel was a little small for my preference, but perfectly placed, and it was light and nimble. The only downside was the lack of power, which was surprising, knowing that is has a three liter inline six under the long hood. Torque is a priority for many of us, and this car doesn’t have it. The most I felt in that car was like my ‘67 Bug in second gear. Other than that, it handled great, could take a lot, and the engine sounded beautiful.
After that, I searched for the oil leak. The hood was lifted and the oil escaping was in plain view. It was the valve cover gasket. The gasket costed forty-eight dollars from a local auto parts store. The engine was surprisingly easy to work on. It was definitely not as simple as a classic car, but it was simple for today’s standards. The whole task of taking it apart and putting it back together took three hours, and that’s because I have never worked on a BMW before.
I guess it can be said that BMW made a better version of the Miata, but it would have been better if BMW abused the abilities of the inline six.