Have you heard of this? #blogpost

Have you heard of this? #blogpost - Japanese

If you didn’t know (like me) this is the Honda s660 which is a mid engined roadster, it was first shown at the 2013 Tokyo show. This roadster is based off of the Honda Beat from the 90s “Like the Beat, the S660 features a mid-engine layout with a 660-cc, three-cylinder turbo that keeps it within the parameters of a kei car (a special class of ultrasmall subcompacts)” “an inside source told us that the company is also currently working on an export version with a more powerful, 1.0-liter turbo rumored to pump out more than 125 horsepower” “Honda has developed a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive chassis just for the S660, which uses an aluminum-and-steel structure that’s stiffer than the old S2000’s. The Japan-spec S660 might be fitted with an uninspiring 63-hp engine, but we’re told this chassis could take a lot more power—hence the 125-hp version.” According to Honda the s660 will weigh only 1830 lbs “rpm and delivers a healthy dose of torque all the way to redline. It’s between 5000 and 7700 rpm that the engine really comes to life” “the S660 features a positive-feeling, six-speed manual transmission with delightfully short throws and gear ratios that are superbly matched to the engine.” “even when flung into a corner at 60 mph, it’s difficult to get the planted rear end to budge. Honda’s “Agile Handling Assist” system can brake an inside front wheel to enhance turn-in and cornering stability, while specially developed 16-inch Yokohama Advan Neova tires provide traction levels” the base price in Japan is 15,300 which is not that bad.

I personally will be looking forward to seeing this car in America (if it makes it here)

Source: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2015-honda-s660-mid-engine-roadster-first-drive-review

Imagine LS swapping that rwd import (triggered)