Brett Lougy profile picture Brett Lougy 6 years ago

Random oil loss on a 06 E90 330I

This started yesterday, I noticed a really strong oil burning smell coming from my car and I checked under the hood and there was oil all over the oil filter and had dripped down to the alternator, and was splattered all on the underside of my hood. I checked the oil filter to makes sure it was tight, and with a little force the oil filter came undone so I figured that when the oil filter was under pressure it was seeping up and get sprayed around by the fan. So I grabbed my oil filter wrench did a little looking for the proper torque spec of the oil filter and found out it is about ~18 ft/p so I went back made sure it was tight to spec and went on my way. Did a pull on my way home from work and checked it when I got home and there was oil splattered all over my engine bay, from right around the oil filter housing down the engine block, on top of the intake manifold, on top of the fuel rail, in my drivers side front wheel well and even on the inside of the rim. Please any help would be nice.