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Shmee150 is about to break YouTube...

Shmee150 is about to break YouTube... - Ask Car Throttle

You guys remember this lad? Of course you do! It’s Shmee150! You know, the one who’s “Living the Supercar Dream!” Well, he’s at it again. As I type, Shmee is in Sweden visiting Koenigsegg. As you may remember, he’s driven multiple ‘Eggs. Like this one.

Road Trip in the Koenigsegg CCR Revo [Shmee's Adventures]

Or more recently, this one:

Shmee150's First Drive in the Koenigsegg Agera R [X6 Tour Episode 06]

You lucky you, Timothy!

Anyway, tomorrow, Tim gets to check out a new Koenigsegg. The one that seemed really cool at Geneva 2015.

PC: Speedhunters
PC: Speedhunters

The Koenigsegg “to reign.” And it reigns over many cars, courtesy of a 1489HP powertrain consisting of a 5.0L V8, electric motors, and an unconventional gearbox. Top speed is 249 MPH, and the car would allegedly reach that in 20 seconds. We’ve recently been able to see onboard footage of the car in action:


So how will Shmee break YouTube? Tomorrow, he gets to have his own experience with the Regera! Okay, he may not break the internet, but with the following he has built up over time, it’s going to become one of his best hits. The views will rack up rather quickly.

As a joke, here’s a fun game: try to be the first comment. Also, try and make it to the under 301 club (which is tougher since YouTube has fixed the view verification). If you make it to the under 301 club, comment on his video “under 301! #CT

Alright, jokes aside, Tim has shown how you can really turn your passions into something great. Get ready CTzens, this one should be really cool!

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