Officially my new fav pic of my car!

Officially my new fav pic of my car! - Nissan Silvia S13 Forum

This is my next update on my build. It’s been a while but there’s so much to talk about. Thanks to those who are still keeping up with me and my car build.

I sanded down the front bumper since it was cracking from so many coats of paint from the previous owner(s). And with $20, I got myself a matching color car haha.

At the moment, it broke down on me. I was so happy with it being in good condition and now it seems I have a fuel related issue not letting the car run properly or even start.

This car has made me lose my mind but I still don’t regret my choice. I’m $3400 into this car and still don’t regret it. I’m following my dreams of building my own LS powered S13.5 240sx. While I’m no where near that goal, I feel accomplished already by just owning one too begin with.

I’m not planning in drifting it btw, I like to do track and canyon runs with my other cars. So I’m not gonna cheap out when I get to suspension upgrades.

As for my expectancies from this car, it’s taking longer than I thought for it to become my daily. I guess it’s still considered a project car but again, I don’t regret buying it.