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A Pininfarina-Designed Karma EV Is On The Way

Karma Automotive has teamed up with Pininfarina for an electric vehicle concept which will be revealed at Auto Shanghai

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A Pininfarina-Designed Karma EV Is On The Way - News

If the Pininfarina Battista hasn’t quite satisfied your desire for oh-so-pretty electric vehicles designed by the Italian styling house, we’ve good news. Yep, there’s another one on the way, this time via a partnership between Pininfarina and Karma Automotive.

Born out of the ashes of Fisker, Karma Automotive still makes the car from which its name is derived, although it’s now called the Revero. The tie-up with Pininfarina was first announced in January, and the new car - which is a concept - is the first thing to emerge from the collaboration.

So far, all we have to go on is this teaser image, but Karma has confirmed that it won’t be the only shiny new thing it’ll be bringing to the Auto Shanghai show next month. The California-based firm will also be showing a next-generation version of the Revero, along with a “Karma Vision concept,” which we know even less about.

In the meantime, do you like what you can (just about) see of the Pininfarina concept so far?