Alex Kersten 5 years ago 2

A Mazda RX-8 Pickup Truck Is Something The World Is Not Ready For

This distinctive RX-8 sure is ugly, but who are we to hate? Rotary love is strong with this one...

Remind me later
mazda rx-8 pick up These disturbing images of what appears to be a real-life Mazda RX-8 pickup truck were recently uploaded to our Memes section by CT fan Cole Preston. As you can see, this creation certainly ain't pretty thanks to its ungainly Chevy rear-end and weird 2+1 door layout (like you'd see on the Hyundai Veloster). What it is, however, is unique, and if its owner has a penchant for rotary and a job in the building trade, then good luck to the guy! If anyone can shed more light on this distinctive ride, then we'd love to know more. Watch our Readers' Rides video on the Mazda RX-8.