A Ferrari 275 And Shelby Cobra Make One Hell Of A Barn Find

A sad turn of events meant that a Ferrari 275 GTB/2 and a rare Shelby Cobra were recently found after being abandoned in the same barn for 27 years

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As barn finds go, a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 and a 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 together in the same barn(ish) are pretty much the hen’s teeth of hen’s teeth. But one garage in the state of North Carolina was recently found with exactly this dreamy combination, and neither car had moved since 1991.

When the owner of both cars left them in the care of his one and only trusted mechanic, he didn’t expect the pro to die, tragically, in an accident. As time passed and the owner couldn’t find another trusty grease monkey, the cars stayed where they were.

Image: YouTube/Hagerty
Image: YouTube/Hagerty

The 275 GTB/2 has covered a ridiculous 13,000 from new. The Cobra, apparently like new and said to be a rare Carroll Shelby build with a 428-cubic-inch Police Interceptor engine, had a meagre 19,000 miles. Neither had turned a wheel for 27 years and were filled with all sorts of nests, mouse droppings and more.

Also in the garage were a Morgan and a classic Triumph, which the owner decided to keep, but (funnily enough) when auctioneers Hagerty slapped a valuation of about $4 million on the 275 and Cobra, the owner decided to sell. They’ll be auctioned with no restoration work having been carried out.

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