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A Car Wash Falling Onto Your Ride Must Really Spoil Your Day

Whenever you're using an automated car wash you really need to follow the simple instructions. If you don't, then something nightmarish could happen

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We can only imagine the crushing despair felt by this driver who tried – and spectacularly failed – to use an automated car wash.

The sped-up footage shows the driver sitting inside the car while the machine begins to operate. A red ‘STOP’ sign is clearly lit to the side of the driver’s window. The driver ignores it and tries to drive through the brushes. Why? We’ve no clue.

A Car Wash Falling Onto Your Ride Must Really Spoil Your Day - News

That panics the machine and the brushes stop; the red sign starts flashing urgently, but the drivers is too far past it to see it… until he or she reverses far enough for it to be in plain sight, before attempting to drive through the brushes again.

This time, though, something gets caught on the car. The apparatus, which only rides on two rails and isn’t what you’d call bolted down, falls over as the stuck car tries to back out of the mess its driver is wholly responsible for. Down it comes, partly crushing the rear of the saloon as it falls. Face? Meet palm.

Source: Jalopnik