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NASCAR begins testing next-gen car

The new Cup series car will hit the track at Richmond

NASCAR begins testing next-gen car - Motorsport

NASCAR plans to debut a new car for its Cup competition in 2021. This car is designed to cut down on costs necessary to run a car in the sport, and to allow a fourth manufacturer to easily enter the sport.

NASCAR president Steve Phelps said that the organizers “are very excited about where things are with this next Gen car. We are on time for a 2021 rollout. I think it’s going to be exciting to get it on track.”

Phelps says that “the importance of this car can’t be overstated.” It’s been under development for some time, so the sport is hoping for good results at Richmond. This test isn’t the first time they’ve seen this package on the track. This year’s Charlotte All Star Race produced an incredible race, and the cars were fitted with parts of the package. Trials like this are likely at select races for 2020.

This car is set to solve the problem of competitivity that has been lacking in NASCAR for some time. Partially that is through the design of the car, but a major bit of the project is making sure the lower-budget teams can compete with the likes of JGR and Penske.

NASCAR is planning more innovations for the near future focused on “relevancy as well as cost management for the greater good of the sport,” according to TRD’s David Wilson. That will involve a new engine to be rolled out sometime around 2023. The manufacturers are pushing for efficient technologies, with Ford even a hybrid proponent. That could be part of the new package.

A new package for NASCAR, if it works as the sport intends, could be a large part of solving the many problems the series faces. It looks to begin track shakedown at Richmond, and it will be a part of the sport very soon.