Prelude update

Prelude update - Honda Prelude Forum

As of today, I have hit about 40 hours of work on the prelude so it is about time I do an update on her. So far progress has been painfully slow, the suspension is out of the car and I’m trying to find replacement parts. I’m thinking about buying some accord suspension components and hoping that they’re close enough. The transmission is out of the car and opened up. Each of the gears are cleaned except 5th off of the countershaft. The top half of the case is kinda wrecked with the bearing on the countershaft side grinding on the 5th gear, so it is permanently mounted in the transmission, easy fix, I used the A2k5 top half and the E2R6 bottom half sadly this means I have a lot more cleaning to do, as I want the transmission to be spotless when I put it back in. As far as the 5th gear goes, each of the teeth have a burr that needs to needs to be hand filled and removed before it will work again. I’m also running into an issue where the bushings are stuck in the lower control arms.
Thanks for reading. If you have any advice please let me know.