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9 Ways To Hypothetically Sabotage Someone's Car

If you're trying to think of creative ways to tamper with someone's car, then here are nine ways to hypothetically sabotage them. Warning: don't actually do these things!

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Unscrew the floorpans...

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Suggested by FeelXtra

“Unscrewing the floorpans creates a certain danger to manifold as far as I know…”

Loosen the oil nut...

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Suggested by Dk_Roh34

“Loosen the oil nut and challenge them to a race. NFS has taught me many things.”

Swap the transmission...

Suggested by Martin B
Suggested by Martin B

“Secretly swap the manual gearbox for an automatic…”

Stance their car...

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Suggested by Murican Ricer

Unplug the fuel pump...

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Suggested by Martin Bernath

“Unplug the fuel pump. I don’t want to hurt the car.”

Swap first gear with reverse...

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Suggested by Aris Mone

“Change the first gear to reverse!”

Weld the diff of a FWD car...

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Suggested by On the Apex

Swap it with a Prius...

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Suggested by Car-mi-Car-zee

Fill her up with diesel...

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Suggested by John Carlos

What else would you add to this list?