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80-Year-Old Subaru WRX Driver Gets Six-Month Ban After 113mph Thrash

South Australia Police clocked an elderly Subaru driver doing more than 80kmh over the limit

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Subaru - 80-Year-Old Subaru WRX Driver Gets Six-Month Ban After 113mph Thrash - News

They say age is just a state of mind, which might explain why an 80-year-old Subaru Impreza WRX driver was happy barreling along a single carriageway country road in Alma, South Australia at 113mph.

South Australia Police said that the man was clocked at 182kmh on Owen Road with a 100kmh on Wednesday afternoon. As some basic maths will tell you, that’s 82kmh or 51mph over the posted limit.

For his sins, the Adelaide Plains man has lost his driving license for six. To go with that, officers handed him a $1,814 (£950) fine.

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In its statement, South Australia Police said:

“Given the high number of serious and fatal crashes recently in the Barossa and Mid North Area, this type of driving is of significant concern to police.

“Highway patrols will continue to have a presence along main arterial roads and highways between rural townships with speed detection, vehicle roadworthiness, and drink and drug driving receiving particular attention.”

As for the fate of the first-generation Impreza WRX (a rarity these days) now its driver is without a license for half a year, we can only speculate…