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8 Incredible GTA V Mods That Put Race Cars In The Game

The vast Los Santos map in Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the best environment for racing cars but that hasn’t stopped people from bringing in mods of awesome motorsport machines

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1. All the F1 cars

Yes, someone, somewhere, has created all 22 Formula 1 cars for the 2016 season and YouTuber Aarav gave this year’s grid a go in GTA V. Unsurprisingly, with so many cars, it got a bit crashy and problematic, but he got some epic footage of F1 cars taking on the Los Santos streets.

2. Lotus 49 vs the army

YouTube channel FailRace took on the GTA V army with a Lotus 49 F1 car, which debuted in 1967 and was raced in various guises over following seasons. The 49 mod even featured the famous red and white Golf Leaf livery and it proved to be pretty good at avoiding the army (when it wasn’t upside down).

3. VW Polo R WRC

So, this one doesn’t feature the actual WRC VW livery we’ve come to love (and sadly won’t see again). But the rally version of the Polo does look like a fun car to throw around and take on the dirt roads of Los Santos.

4. Multiplayer F1

I’ve no clue what these guys are saying, but multiplayer racing with F1 mods looks like fun. The lobby features a Red Bull RB8, Ferrari F2012 and Virgin VR-01 to name a few. It proved to be absolute chaos and a Virgin came second, so you know the performance wasn’t realistic…

5. WEC prototypes

The BraxXter channel brought us the stunning-looking Audi and Toyota LMP1 prototypes to the game, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they look spot on!

6. F1 of the future

OK, so this isn’t a real Formula 1 car, but this Ferrari F1 concept car features monstrous curved wings, a cockpit canopy and swooping aero. It looks mean and, to be honest, downright ridiculous in the city of Los Santos.

7. Mercedes CLK LM

This YouTuber doesn’t quite seem to know exactly what Mercedes AMG race car this is, but it looks to be the CLK LM raced at Le Mans in 1998. The car seems difficult to drive and a few liveries were tried out, although there’s nothing quite like the original.

8. Dragster racing

The race car I didn’t expect to see as a GTA V mod would be a dragster, but it’s there. Again, it’s not the easiest car to drive around Los Santos city centre, but you’ll have fun trying!

What other awesome race car mods have you seen in GTA V?