Hello Again Car Throttle! The Rumours about my death have been greatly exagerated...

Hello Again Car Throttle! The Rumours about my death have been greatly exagerated... - Ask Car Throttle

First of all, I wish I could tell everyone that it has been a long time since I left Cartrotthle looking for appreciation for my articles and blogposts, on my return I have noticed that the site is more abandoned than ever, but still I want to fall with the site that led me to have a lot of experience in writing and creating articles, during the time that I was not writing articles I also learned much more from professional motor journalists, however instead of adopting a professional profile I prefer keep my old anonymous profile on this website

So … what happened? For starters I have to say that 2 years ago I was working in a somewhat special car workshop I could see quite impressive cars but it was also forbidden to take photos, so I was always left with the honey on the mouth.

Among other things, in 2016 I became completely furry thanks to Nate, known as thatcaliguy in CT, (He no longer responds to any message on any social media and I can’t find him anywhere;) I am a full furry since then, but at the same time I am still a petrolhead.

(EDIT:I have managed to find him on Twitter trough a friend of his, still its 50/50 on him)

I have gone through a time of depression almost to the point of committing suicide, my dear S40 has unfortunately already gone on to a better life as a great paperweight in my grandfather’s garage, I have attended many car events in all this time, My best friend Bmwguy passed away several summers ago during one of the festivities in which there were bulls, he didnt have a chance to defend himself…

I have moved more to Steam to play video games and was also accepted into the Drivetribe creator program, despite my huge earnings with the Drivetribe program instead of being abandoned by its creators it has suffered from the social justice virus in the which you can not judge LGTBQ or have your own opinion as a content creator, a notable example of this is when I called the new electric crossover of Ford “Mustang” for its more than deserved name, because a turd painted in a legendary livery will continue to be a turd, and therefore by not settling for being alongside social justice warriors or accepting car junk along with a lie from a creator about me I was kicked out of the show, so even though I don’t make money here I am clear that CT is still A better place if you want a social approach instead of cold professionalism, Making money with my content will surely have to wait once more.

I have also been looking for a new car to replace my S40, I have visited several online sites until I found a Golf TDI, a reliable and easily modifiable engine for Repro tunes, to this day I keep saving for my dream car and counting the days until I can walk up to a garage with a STI and say “We have a deal” .

I would like to know what has happened to all of you, I know I will not receive many comments or upvotes, but at least I know that this statement will be read by at least 1 couple of people.