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One last post

One last post - Japanese

Just thought I’d make one last post. Just for fun :3

Hey, you’ve probably seen by now that the community will close on the 3rd May.
I continue to post “A-OKei!” and update “The Sporty Kei car - The history of the Daihastu Copen” on this site.
If you are still interested in these you can find them below:

“A-OKei!” is available in the following places:
My website:
My discord server:
This comic is also posted on other sites, however for the ease of reading I recommend the above.

The Sporty Kei car - The history of the Daihastu Copen
This post can be read with the original link in the Wayback Machine
It will now be updated on DT:
https://{insert that rival site here}.com/p/the-sporty-kei-car-the-history-dwJnSyxMR3Cb66x055CNaQ?iid=QGOz03hWT_WGJVyF6TJUSA

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One last post - Japanese

Bye bye CarThrottle.

One last post - Japanese