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I am a car enthusiast, I am 17 years old, and have had a interest in cars since I was about 3 due to my dad being one of the top race car drivers in ireland, I’ve been brought up around cars and have grown to love them wether it be when I was 7 knowing the engine size of every car or now to knowing engines inside and out, cars have always been my passion.

The problem with this interest is I’ve never been accepted wether it be into friend groups in my area or friend groups in my class in school, all because I have no interest in football or sports, I myself have been alienated in school because of my passion and as far fetched as it sounds struggled for years with this, people think cars and boys just go together but in reality no one these days has a interest in cars at my age, I have a solid 2 friends who have an interest in cars, I can’t seem to find anyone with the same passion, and the worst thing is my passion has caused me to get bullied throughout the years in school, it has died down now but still I don’t know why people can disregard someone else’s passion and cause them pain because of it.

In all honesty car culture does not exist in youth nowadays (it may just be in my area)

I think we need to introduce more of the youth into cars as it is one of the best and tightest knit communities on earth. It’s a community where everyone is accepted whether you like drift, stance, rally, F1 or drag.

Some of us may joke about other branches of the community and differ in opinions but in reality we all hold respect for each other and respect there opinions.

In the end we all have the same Love and the same Passion and we need to express it to the youth of today.

That’s my rant over love all you guys “/