Tom Harrison 9 years ago

7 Videos The NYC Bikers Don't Want You To Watch

Deleted videos show NY bikers' behaviour before Range Rover chase...

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33 A biker rides weaves through oncoming traffic
A LiveLeak user has uploaded an hour's worth of videos allegedly showing how the motorcyclists who pursued and ultimately attacked a Range Rover driver in New York were behaving before the incident in question. The videos were supposedly uploaded to, and later removed from YouTube by the same user who posted the original video of the chase, Michelinman900. There are a number of instances in the footage where some of the bikers appear to drive recklessly and dangerously. They ride on the pavement, run red lights and ride on the opposite side of the road between oncoming traffic. Videos Over 3,500 of you (or 65% of the vote) have ultimately sided with the Range Rover driver, and the videos above certainly won't get many of them to switch sides. Read more about the biker who has been arrested by NYC police.