Why I may leave CT soon.

First of all this is NOT a Shitpost or Hatepost.
I want to just explain why, i may leave CT soon.

a few months back i joined CT because i started to get mor interessted in cars and saw the CT Videos on Youtube. I thought that a place where only petrolheads car guys/girls are is a cool place.

at first i was exited and everything was new to me. then i saw that the android app broke and the notifications didnt showed up anymore. then i though cool. a Meme community, lets try to post some memes. and i only earned really toxic answers. No hard feelings here, maybe i just didnt understood the internet rules in general or CT in general, so i moved on and avoided posting content that my give me Toxicity. Next thing i learned that CT is full of Kids. Which is not bad at all, but the maturity level is because of that somewhere in the underground. or like nonexistent in some ways.
well i can live with that in fact i´m not the most mature guy in the world and many people just nee some immaturity in their life.
moving on i saw Kankook. who just hillareously made some jokes and was the ultimate troll on the site ever. i saw some people crating similar accounts like kaankok or kaakok´s brother and so on.
then Epic trends came. his memes werent the worst and you could see some interesting format ideas/fact memes. like the leather fact in cars.
because of that, i realised that especially the meme place here is maybe the worst section in CT.
because in all the other communities where just like nonexistent content and it is just barren there.
i saw unnecessary hate on the Prius, Eclipse Cross and other cars. well i can understand some arguments, but that goes with every car.
Well lets end the things with the communitys.

lets head over to the technical ascpect again.
My CT app on my Galaxy S7 broke today in the morning. i just cant open it anymore. it crashes instant on startup. i tried many things. but since i cant reinstall it through the playstore then it is time to say goodbye to the app.
and since i got not a single answer on my 4 Emails i wrote to them. i assume that they just dont care anymore about their community.
All that they care is just about their Shop and how cool it is and that you can buy car parts now from the store and so on.
actually i couldnt care less about their car parts on their “amazing” shop because of some reasons.

  1. it isn´t available in Germany.
  2. all the other things are way to expensive. i can find the same stuff with free shipping and cheaper prizes.
  3. not enogh information on some products like does the light pads come with a CE Certification, because it can cost you your driver license if you install it without it on your car and the cops do control you or the MOT/TÜV. there is just no information about such important stuff.
  4. the shipping is horribly. i oedered 2 times from the shop now and it was horrible.
    first it came 3 weeks after ordering and the shipping send notification came about 2 weeks after ordering. it was available on their site when i did order it.
    second i got no notifications at all. only after writing them an email, where my stuff is they send me a link with the paket service, which wasnt working, after emailing back and adressing that the email dont work , i just got no answer.

I really want this place to succed, but if they go on like this then it will become something unclear not attractive at all site, only with the goal of making money.

there are actually some good things here on CT.
i learned some really cool and supportive people here. Hummerinator and srijan Gupta and many more.

For the end i want to say, that i dont care if i get shadow banned or banned in general, it just shows in which state the devs are right now.

I stay a little bit here on CT but will ,make my way up to DT. where i will be more active because their app actually WORK!!!!!!

if you wnat ot follow me there. My name there is: Willam H

so have fun. (: