guess who is a f-ing troublemaker these days....

guess who is a f-ing troublemaker these days.... - BMW E30 3-series Forum

So yeah I broke down…. not the first time with this piece of never ending troubles E30…. but it is going to be fixed at the moment. This time fuel line exploded on my way to the workshop… could have just lastet 3 more km and I would have been fine… that always troublesome pile of 10 cars put together in 1. So yeah my E30 is far from a clean and nice example… it is three things: Quick, amazingly fun and f*cking anoying. I am a bit behind schedule….. it drives and all now again after replacing fuel lines…. but I just fixed 3 small things on the M5 (brakes now upgraded to EBC Performance now in the front, rear wishbones and exhaust hangers).

But yeah the E30…. I wanted it to be the winter fun car….. again and it is causing headaches after headaches…..