It's been a good run

I joined CarThrottle little under 5 years ago and it has been a lot of fun, met a lot of people, found so many communities I loved and had fun posting. It was amazing witnessing the golden era of this site unfold in front of my eyes, but also quite sad seeing it die in front of me. I wasn’t that popular here, nor was I that frequent of a poster, but boy oh boy, it sure was nice while it lasted. I decided to hop on today and see if anything was going on and found that this community is about to be shut down, but I guess it was bound to happen wasn’t it? It’s sad to leave a lot of you all, seeing that this was my first social account ever created, but thing happen I guess.

I don’t have much contacts, at all, but you can talk to me on discord, or perhaps tell me a discord server where we can all reunite as a community once again and live on somewhere else, or perhaps we could start a car throttle discord server for it to live on over there ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My discord user: SUPERTURBO41#7302

And one more time, Goodbye, it’s been a good run!

Quick stock image to go with it lol
Quick stock image to go with it lol