Wishlist for fh4

Wishlist for fh4 - Gaming

I’d like some Slavic cars, more realistic maps(just the way roads are laid out and their surroundings), dynamic weather that includes snow, more Hondas, a race track, autocross, support for custom widebody kits(make them in the game), wheel offset, steering angle, more suspension adjustability, drag racing, narrower front tires and wider rear tires available, change tire height (instead of just wheel size), ability to remove body panels, allow for only having certain parts of a widebody kit, better v8 engine swaps(ones that sound like older muscle not new stuff), headlight control, ability to chop a car, better damage (flat tires, no fuel, more dramatic dents ex:when you hit a wall the front of the car is squished in super far), more diesels, Toyota, allow people to have all cars from launch instead of unlocking them or having a specialty dealer, Baja, oil changes