F!ck you CT!

If you’re dumb enough to wander into the Meme section this Spring, then you’re a big enough schmuck to look at.

F!ck you CT! - Off topic

Bad plot! Characters with random dialogue! Holes! If you can find a better comic. You can kiss my !ss! It’s my belief that you’re such a stupid motherf!cker. You’ll fall for this bullsh!t. Guaranteed! If you can find a better comic. Shove it up your ugly !ss! You heard me right! Shove it up your ugly !ss!

But yeah CR-X The VTEC Boi Comics coming Spring 2019 (Or when it’s done). Not a half-assed comic it’ll have a fcking structure and everything.

This will carry alongside the “””reviews””” and the tuning company (more on a separate post) and an art competition that will span between here and the definitive discord