Mk5 Supra is best BMW Z4 rebadge

Toyota marketing team: I want you to make a sports car
Toyota engineers: ok good
Toyota marketing team: that’s a successor to and old brand
Toyota engineers:OH great
Toyota marketing team spend the entire budget of aero.
Toyota engineers:finally some money in here
Toyota marketing team Put in a transmission that is designed for morons like me
Toyota engineers:wut—?
Toyota marketing team: and put it on sale
Toyota engineers: you know your not gonna sell it right?
Toyota marketing team: why? Toyota engineers: would you buy this?
Toyota marketing team: No its a sports car
Toyota engineers: i wouldn’t buy it it has an automatic
Toyota engineers: Theirs no market for this….
Toyota marketing team: …………………….Ruin a beloved brand and put it on sale

why do we have marketing departments the make garbage!