2007 Sachs MadAss 50cc (sold)

2007 Sachs MadAss 50cc (sold) - Garage

My first vehicle I had when I was 15 and got my moped license. Drove it for about a year until I got my light motorcycle license (125cc, 11kW). Pretty much the same engine as in the old Honda Monkeys, just bigger valves and carburetor and an electric starter. Modifications include a removed “Mad” sticker by previous owner, new digital gauge, a small visor, new indicators, mirrors and a handlebar.

I really liked it because it sure sticks out from the crowd. Only complaints I can think of right now were the rather weak side stand that I bent a couple times and the battery access was awful (under the plastic cover under the rear coilover and under all the electrics).

Not entirely sure what year it was (iirc either ‘06 or ‘07).