Autocross event footage.

Nothing special here, just the GoPro footage from my Autocross event on the 14th and 15th of September. I got to give the Konis and Eibach bars a good thrashing, and had a bunch of fun doing it. The car ran great all day, I almost wish it could have lasted longer.

Yes, that is an actual Neon ACR two-door. Honestly I thought they had all rusted out by now.

I only managed five videos from the event on the 14th, because I left my GoPro going idle during lunch. Bad idea, but oh well. The next five here are from the next day. There were supposed to be four runs only, but some issues with timing and scoring meant my run group got an additional run, so I just ran all the videos anyway.

Times are unimpressive, honestly. My car is basically a stock v6 running in CAM-C with bigger anti-roll bars, wider than stock tires and RE71-Rs at that. I finished at the bottom of the pack both days, but I think I can improve on that next year with some gearing, new springs and more aggressive brake rotors. My own driving still leaves something to be desired here, but I plan to work on that with every event. I’m also hoping to visit Road America on my road trip next year and see how I do on a proper course.

Overall though, I’m ecstatic with how the car handled these two events, and I’m saddened that circumstances couldn’t allow me to make any of the other 11 events in the year. Hopefully I can afford a couple next year before I take off across Canada in June or July.