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Tesla Driver in Horrific Accident Walks Away With Minimum Injury

Some accidents are more than horrifying to view at the scene...

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Some accidents are more than horrifying to view at the scene. When the driver and their passengers sustain serious injuries or when the vehicle looks like it is completely totaled, it is difficult for virtually anyone to take lightly. On the other hand, when a driver walks away from the scene of a vehicle that looks like it has been split in half, the results can be mind-blowing and pleasing too. Though the scene of this type of accident may sound virtually impossible to believe, this actually happened to Jose Diaz, the driver of a Model X Tesla in January of 2020.

According to Jose Diaz, he is grateful to be living and is also counting his blessings, especially after walking away from such a serious accident with only a small injury to his leg, Unlike the driver and passengers in the other vehicle (Nissan GT-R) who were transported to the hospital, they received treatment and is reported to recover. Furthermore, based on information that was explained by Joe Diaz, he was involved in an accident that he could not possibly anticipate until it happened, This is because the actual impact of the other vehicle was completely unexpected. When speaking to a news reporter from 7News Miami over the telephone, Joe Diaz stated that the Nissan GT-R that the other person was driving appeared suddenly from his blindside. From the impact that caused the damages, he was able to step safely out of his Tesla Model X vehicle that was split in half. Once out of his vehicle, he was also able to assist the driver of the Nissan GT-R by helping him step out of his vehicle, too. He had to hurry because of the smoke and the possibility of it blowing up and causing more damage to the scene of this accident.

Based on information from people who were at the scene of the accident, the Nissan driver caused this accident by running a red light. Since he did not stop at the intersection (Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Three Islands Boulevard), he hit the Tesla hard enough to cause considerable damage that makes the vehicle totally undrivable. That being said, the performance of this vehicle in a serious accident is simply more than anyone could really wish for. This is especially the case for those people who have families like Joe Diaz that want to protect and keep everyone safe and secure while on the road.

Additionally, as Joe Diaz begins to recall, the information that is related to his vehicle ownership may or may not be the norm. This is because he waited for at least 4 years until he could buy this Tesla Model X for his family. One of the top reasons for waiting to buy this particular model Tesla is not really unique but very advantageous to everyone involved. For example, he simply wanted to make sure that the vehicle that he purchased added a certain amount of value to his life, and the build of the Tesla car has exceptional safety features to protect life. This is also why Tesla vehicles are known for their 5-star safety awards that they have received. The 5-star rating that this vehicle received did not cover one or two safety categories, but all of the categories that have been established by the Federal Highway Safety Administration. So, it is also important to note that Tesla received special recognition for having a near-perfect score in the category of Adult Occupant Protection.

As Tesla obtains the highest recognitions for their safety features in Model X, they are also expecting to reap the same benefits from some of the latest renewest models. Simply put, even though this accident was an excellent example of how well their safety features perform in serious road situations, the next Testa model (Tesla’s Q4 2019) is considered to be 3 to 4 times safer than the Tesla X. As a result of these safety factors, Joe Diaz is saying that he can wait another 4 years, if necessary, to buy another Tesla for his family. Now, he is no longer basis his passion for buying a Tesla on preference only but also on life-saving experience that he has had.