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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Saying Goodbye to a Friend - Japanese

I am in tears writing this.

On Saturday, on my way home, I fell asleep while driving my beloved Nissan 200sx s13 Zenki, an crashed hard into a Lamppost and then into a wall.

I do not know how I survived the crash, as the car is completely trashed, the steering wheel and the seat are both ripped out of their mounting points and the whole car is warped and malformed.

I cannot believe this happened. I feel like I’m having a nightmare that won’t end. The car was in such perfect condition, because I cherished it so much. I almost treated it with fatherly love and with such respect, that it makes me feel like I lost a family member.

There is no other option now, than to sell the car for parting out or scrapping it, which both makes my insides tremble and convulse with anger and grief.

My hands are shaking eversince I woke up in the ambulance that took me to the hospital. Every doctor and policeman, fireman and witness told me, that they cannot even begin to explain how I walked away from the crash I’ve had. The whole village heard the impact from what I’ve been told, and yet, I remember nothing other than the brief second I opened my eyes to find myself lying in the car, sliding over the pavement in a splitsecond after the impact.

When I think about what happened, I more and more begin to wish death had taken me away alongside my dream car.

I know I will be able to fully recover emotionally, but I will never get over the guilt of destroying the one thing I loved most in life.

I hope to one day find a friend like you were to me again, rest in piece