Prelude update #2

Prelude update #2 - DIY

I’m at about 60-ish hours in and little progress has been made. I’m almost done hand stoning 5th gear, so the shafts will soon be reassembled. I have checked the clearance on the gears they’re all correct. Even though 3rd gear is supposed to be 1.150 in and it is only .973 but, it is still measuring with in specification everywhere else so I think it is “okay”. The pinion gears are .002 and .001 thousands out of speck so I’m going to rebuild the diff… As soon as I can get it apart. Also, I’m taking the second batch of transmission parts (pictured above) to get cleaned on the 13th. My new ball joints and lower control arms finally arrived so those will be installed soon, a.k.a when it isn’t 17 degrees Fahrenheit and trapped in a foot of snow. I will soon be ordering the steering rack, tie rod ends, and transmission fluid. My new lower control arms have a different mounting method for the sway bar than the stock ones so I’m looking for the correct sway bar. I also found some coilovers that I’m going to get but that’s a few paychecks away.