From wreck to reckless : half a year later

From wreck to reckless : half a year later - BMW E46 3-series Forum

I’m sure some of you who followed the repair process of my wrecked e46 Coupé might be wondering how things continued, so heres a little update:

The car still looks a little chequered, because I wanted to wait with painting until the temperatures were a little more consistent, so the paint could cure properly. I will probably paint it in the coming month

In the meantime I installed a big spoiler from a Mazda 6, which fit surprisingly well, although I had to chop the sides off of it, but I am going to make it look all pretty when I paint the whole car anyway.

I also got orange indicators all round, apart from the fender ones, which will be bought very soon

I also installed a Mishimoto cooling Fan, because the stock one decided to not work. The fan controller was oxidised, so I figured if I had to change the thing, I might as well upgrade it. I also replaced a coolant hose and flushed the whole system (twice, because I messed up the first time lol).

I swapped the whole interior for black leather/cloth seats and door cards, so it looks very racy from the inside now.

Oh, and you probably noticed the underglow in the picture, which is probably the best mod I’ve done to it yet, it reminds me of NFSU2 and brings a huge smile to my face everytime I flick it on.

Next up will be to change out the rear diff to a 318 one which has a shorter ratio and can therefor enhance the acceleration of my car. While I’m at it I’ll change out the transmission mounts, hardy discs and give it some undercoating for rust protection.

I hope to be able to afford some swaybars and braces to finish off the suspension this year and also get my hands on some headers, cams, intake and a tune.

I want this car to remain streetable and dayliable, so I wanna buy quality parts.

The progress will possibly be very slow, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’d be happy to give you guys updates every once in a while, so if you’d like me to do so, just tell me in the comments!