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Kawasaki fans here's your showcase! #RIDE3

Today we embark on our first Special Event to close out the first tier in the career mode in RIDE 3! We begin to experience the various eras of Kawasaki’s top tier motorcycles! This is Part 1 of a 2 part series within our entire RIDE 3 countdown to RIDE 4!

I haven’t felt this way playing a video game since I was quite young. RIDE 3 is difficult and challenging, humorous at times and just plain fun. Going from absolute newby to a pro will be a great challenge. Make sure to subscribe!

You will join me along the way as we play through the RIDE 3 career mode. Through all the twists of the wrist, highsides and lowsides, we are going to get the most out of RIDE 3 as we await the release of RIDE 4! Scheduled for October 8th!