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Car Spotting

The 8th Cumbria International Motor Show

The 8th Cumbria International Motor Show - Car Spotting

As a result of still finding our way around the CT creator tools, we decided to create some extended versions of previous articles (which were merely photo slides and will eventually be removed). So here is a more complete article for the 8th Cumbria International Motor Show, including the video, and the previous article’s images for “posterity”, as Hammond would say,……. presumably before crashing…, again. .. possibly on fire, even in the torrential rain.

Early rains and threat of bad weather did have a small effect on the show unfortunately. However given the shows very large size and standing, we had a great day, with a great turnout. Numerous dealers, clubs and individuals from all over the UK exhibited a vast array of machinery, from kit cars to super cars, and everything in between.
Feel free to vote or comment on your favourite here, with the videos and pictures below.

And as is the template now, here are the good old pictures, which we are certain could please Mr May if he think believes they were taken by an old camera ….. but they weren’t….. so he wont be. Enjoy.