Thomas Jackson profile picture Thomas Jackson 4 years ago

It’s time to Stop!!

It’s time to Stop!! - Memes

Here is my opinion on this whole “CT is dying” thing. It seems like most CT users HAVE to be complaining about something or else they will explode, when you look in the meme community, it’s not even memes, it’s just stupid complaints about random things that people find to complain about. And then you have those people that are like “Forget it, CT is already dead” Like excuse me wtf, if you are going to be a member of this community, you can’t just give up on it the moment some normies start ruining the community. CT is only as good as the users that make it up. People are complaining about how bad CT is. We ARE the community! It would be nothing without us!! The staff left because it’s full of idiots who don’t even post about cars anymore! This is our community! We can’t just let it die!