Stuck waterpump?

I was driving along in my daily driver nissan sunny.
When suddenly i hear a massive squeal and smoke raises under the bonnet.

I open er up and see that the water pump is stationary and the belt is rubbing against it and smoking.
I shut the car off, take a metal pipe from the trunk and hit the water pump bolt until the water pump starts to move.

Then i start the car up and it runs no problem.
Drove home and the car has been sitting since.

Is it okay to drive?
The belt held 50 a kilometer trip and the temps were okay.
The belt info tag looks a little bit blackened due to the heat but it still feels normal to the hand.
The water pump still spins normally.

My choices are:

Take the nissan and drive while risking the belt snapping or the water pump seizing.


Cram 4 people into my wifes celica. (Trust me. Celicas don’t have room for the back seat.)