Maintaining a McLaren F1 is as priceless as the car itself!

Mclaren - Maintaining a McLaren F1 is as priceless as the car itself! - Supercars and Hypercars

When you have exquisite tastes, such as owning McLaren’s halo car of the 90s, it would be understandable that the costs are not going to be cheap. That said, there’s always a mental projection on which we base our assumptions of the extent at which components and services could have a mark up in their pricing considering that they have to be made in small numbers, exclusively to a car that has only 106 numbers in the whole world… And that’s when a video like this comes along to blow away every calculation and assumption out of proportions.

Then I came across this video by the blokes at VINWIKI on YouTube in which a McLaren F1 owner discusses about how it is to maintain. The owner was Bruce Weiner, who is an Atlanta based entrepreneur and an avid car collector. He has owned more than 1000 cars till date. Here he goes in considerable details about his time with a 1994 McLaren F1 particularly about the cars ultra-special maintenance procedures and costs. Well, how much did he spent on it? Watch the below video and find it out yourself.

P.S. – There were a few discrepancies in the data about the car that Weiner talked about, stuff like the car actually designed to be a road legal car first not the other way round and also the fact that the V12 from BMW was a bespoke engine made for McLaren.