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30 Minutes With An Angle Grinder Can Make Your E39 BMW 540i Sound As Brutal As This

This V8 BMW is allowed to clear its throat much more effectively with one of its silencers deleted

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This BMW E39 540i touring - owned by a CT Reader - now sounds absolutely fantastic, all thanks to a little cutting with an angle grinder. E39 540i exhaust systems have two silencers, one which contains the tail pipe, and another which is a dead-end. The dead-end is referred to as the ‘scuba tank’ due to the way it looks. The owner of this 540i had the scuba tank removed entirely, giving the car a much meatier sound at low revs.

However, rather than have the hole welded up, a metal plate has been fixed in its place. This means that when a little more noise is wanted, the plate can removed in around two minutes, allowing some of the gasses to bypass the silencer and backbox, giving the car an incredible sound.