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Holden Hurricane #vintageconceptcar

Holden - Holden Hurricane #vintageconceptcar - Car History

It’s been a while since I made a #vintageconceptcar blogpost. So here’s a new one!


The Holden Hurricane is a major concept car from Australias No.1 car manufacturer. Code named the RD001, it was developed in 1969 “to study design trends, propulsion systems and other long range developments”. Holden was at that time part of the GM empire. It debuted at the 1969 Melbourne Motor Show.


This car presents pretty innovative design features for the time. As most of the 70s concept cars, it is pointy at the front and pretty sleek all the way to the back. It is also a very low car, the maximum height was 990 millimetres (39 in)!
The back wheels are covered to reduce drag caused by the spinning wheel, and the car has popup lights, to enhance the pointiness at the front.

Another interesting feature is the canopy-style door, which lifts the roof, windscreen and seats as an entity to allow the passengers to enter and leave this spaceship. This solution inspired later other manufacturers, like for instance the Nova kit cars.


The car had for 1969 some crazy aides and digital gizmos you would normally find on a modern car.
The instrument displays were all digital, the air conditioning was regulating automatically and due to poor visibility, a rear-view camera streamed a wide angle picture of behind the car to a screen in the centre console.
But the most interesting feature was the so called “Pathfinder”, the grandfather of the GPS-System. Magnets on the road would guide the driver by interacting with the car and displaying different symbols to show the path the driver should follow.


It had a mid-mounted high-compression 4.2 litre Holden V8 engine, producing 259 hp (193kW).

The Hurricane still exists to this day. After failed restorations attempts in the 1980s and 1990s, it was resurrected after a long restoration by Holden between 2006 and 2011.


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