2004 Ford Focus SVT

Ford - 2004 Ford Focus SVT - Garage

So, this is my first car. It’s a 2004 Focus SVT, bought for $4,100 off the lot. It’s in amazing condition, no rust, (Surprising coming from South Florida) and also has a few mods put on by the previous owner. He put on a full Magnaflow exhaust, a rerouted air filter, a new Pioneer headunit, new wheels, and a few other doodads all around. What’s interesting about this is that it has the Euro appearance package, and with this color and package, only 62 cars were made! I really like it, it’s been about a week. It has around 140K miles, plus it’s a manual! I don’t plan on doing many other upgrades, I’m quite happy with what’s on it now. If any of you have any suggestions or tips, let me know!