Gabor Szedlak 4 years ago 0

10 Funny Ways You React To These Driving Situations

When we're not looking cool behind the wheel, chances are we're doing something stupid like this...

Remind me later
Your reaction when showing off your Subaru in the snow e2DHg When you show up to an import meet with your Mustang Ftcmw Every time you try to get a lift from your friends TK8IazO Your face after removing the sump plug for the first time orIaiS8 The first time you saw water transfer printing UU2dM Your reaction to the last 60 seconds of Fast and Furious 6 shocked-spit-out-drink-o When you win a drag race with your 58bhp Renault Twingo P0SCW And when you do it in your 426bhp Camaro vIf0lAD Her face when you turn up the bass y6cEU What other people hear when you rev your 1.2 Corsa at the lights img2044