Markdown Guide

Here is a quick introduction to Markdown, the markup used in text blocks & comments across Car Throttle.

Line Breaks

For the best readability, leave a blank line in-between paragraphs. This will ensure that your text is nicely spaced out. Sometimes this is called a hard line break.

You can also do a soft line break by using the return key and not leaving a blank line. Sometimes you might want this, but it
ugly paragraphs!

Strong and Emphasis

*emphasize* & **strong**
_emphasize_ &  __strong__

Produces: emphasis & strong

Inline links:

[here is our status page](

Produces: here is our status page.

Optionally you can just auto-link with < & > around the link, but you don’t get the ability to customise the text!




Inline images are not supported. If you want to insert images into a post, please use the post creator. If you want to insert images into comments, just include the URL and it will be fetched.

Embedding content

Scripts are not permitted, at all. But we do support linking & embedding media in the form of link blocks & video blocks by using the post creator.


<script type="text/javascript" src="">

Will produce: <script type="text/javascript" src="">


You can create a heading by starting a paragraph with 2 or more hash characters:

## Headers

Produces the headings you see for each section.

Headings technically go up to ######, however styling on Car Throttle may vary, so we recommend you stick with two (##) or three (###) hashes. First-level headings (# Hello) will be ignored as posts may contain hashtags.


1. Foo
2. Bar

- Foo
- Bar

* Foo
* Bar


> Email-style angle brackets are used for blockquotes.
> > And they can be nested.

> ### Headers in blockquotes
> * And you can **quote lists** etc.

Horizontal Rules

Three or more dashes or asterisks.



- - - -

More information

Check out Daring Fireball’s excellent guide for the complete Markdown syntax, but please note that you should ignore the section regarding raw HTML - content blocks on Car Throttle will reject all native HTML.