Case StudyForza Horizon 3 launch campaign


It’s a shared problem for many brands - you’ve invested $$$ into creating great video content, but how do you make sure it’s seen by and influences the right people?

This is the exact reason Xbox came to Car Throttle with their promo video for Forza Horizon 3.

With over 70% of our audience self-proclaimed “gamers”, and with a high propensity to share content on their own channels, we were in the perfect position to give Xbox not only high reach and views but from a relevant and engaged audience.

The aim? Create hype & excitement, and start social conversations about the launch of the game.

Our approach

We natively uploaded Xbox’s content to the social platforms we know to provide the best results for video content - Facebook & Instagram.

This provided Xbox with viral reach and views, whilst geo and demo targeted Facebook ads, and a month long sponsorship of the gaming community on, gave longevity to the campaign.

The community aspect also allowed for those all important conversations around the impending launch of the game to trigger excitement.