Case StudySanta Pod: Live Drag Racing Event

Ask any automotive industry veteran about Santa Pod, and they’ll tell you it’s renowned as the true home of drag racing in Europe, traditionally featured on television and in print. So when Santa Pod asked us to create an online video-led campaign showing off their main summer event, we knew this would be a great opportunity to combine in-moment live video with a longer-form hero piece around a topic most of our audience would find exciting.

Our Approach

This was a fully cross platform campaign with multiple content types and integrating our entire platform portfolio.

Creating numerous pieces of short form content before the event such as “Slow motion Santa Pod starting life GIFs“ raised initial awareness of both the event and of Santa Pod’s presence on our channels. This bitesize content allowed for immediate and easy engagement from our users and assisted with brand recognition for the campaign elements to follow.

In-moment coverage by means of Snapchat and Facebook Live taken during then event raised awareness of our attendance as well as giving users the behind the scenes access they love. This helped with halo effect and alignment with Car Throttle.

Then the main focus of the campaign was the emotive “hero” video. Produced in-house and hosted on YouTube we then natively shared across our platforms.

Finally creating supporting media (e.g. written articles) provided a different angle to the campaign. By embedding the hero video into this we provided additional views. “5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Santa Pod Raceway