Case StudyMichelin USA: Monterey Car Week 2016


Car Throttle, the cross-platform automotive brand which reaches over 250 million monthly users, has teamed up with Michelin USA to create both innovative live and long-form content around the internationally famed 2016 Monterey Car Week.

The series of events spanning from the 16th to the 21st of August celebrated the most exclusive cars and unique car cultures from around the world, with all of the latest model BMW M-series cars to honour the 100th anniversary of the famed BMW brand.


To showcase the passion surrounding cars and automotive culture, Car Throttle ran Facebook Live streams - reaching over 500,000 users - and daily videos on Snapchat which accrued 3 million views over the course of the week.

To cater to its predominantly US-based audience, Car Throttle embarked on a cross-Atlantic trip from London to Monterey. The aim of the campaign was to take millennial car enthusiasts on a journey and immerse them in the true atmosphere of Car Week, whilst engaging with knowledgeable enthusiasts and educating fans about the world’s most expensive cars.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for live content formats from our audience of millennial platform users. We decided to incorporate in-moment coverage and guide users through the week from Legends of the Autobahn to Laguna Seca.” - Adnan Ebrahim, Founder & CEO at Car Throttle

Influencer Marketing

The week provided a perfect opportunity for Car Throttle to collaborate with Sam Fane from the ‘Seen Through Glass’ YouTube channel. Sam is a well known car spotter who proved to be a perfect match in amplifying live coverage and hosting viewers as they followed events such as Porsche Werks Reunion through Car Throttle’s Snapchat and Instagram accounts, which boast over 450,000 followers.

To effectively distribute its content, Car Throttle utilised a multi-channel approach, activating its website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts simultaneously. Across these platforms Car Throttle reaches over 250 million users a month, using innovative formats like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

The coverage concluded with a 15-minute documentary which has seen over 150,000 cross-platform views within the first week of posting. The feedback was spectacular, with one user commenting “If only car shows like this were on T.V., in fact, Car Throttle needs its own show!”.