Case StudyFord: Unlearn

Ford is always experimenting, innovating and reinventing to unlock new ways of moving forwards. They call it Unlearn, and it’s a philosophy for progression. It is not about forgetting the past; it’s about re-imagining possibilities to make progress.

In order to get this message across to car enthusiasts, Ford partnered with Car Throttle

Our Approach

Car Throttle created a custom video that combined coverage of the new Ford Ranger with elements of their #Unlearn campaign. CT then used its entire portfolio of user touch points in order to promote the partnership:

  • Community question on before the shoot: encouraged our users to engage with the partnership by getting them to provide suggestions of what they would like to see within the video. Makes them aware and look for video content
  • Snapchat during the shoot: provided in the moment awareness of the campaign with a behind the scenes feel. Acts as call to action to look out for the video once launched
  • Instagram (used throughout): took photos during the shoot to raise awareness of the partnership. Just before video launch clips from the video itself were used as teasers
  • Facebook provided mass awareness and reach and drove traffic directly to the video

"It’s been great to work with CT on Ford’s exciting brand campaign; ‘Unlearn’. The Ford ‘Unlearn’ campaign is about challenging preconceptions of our brand, and as part of this we’ve been targeting new audiences. The vast numbers that CT reach through their communities offers a lot of communication potential for brands, like Ford, that are looking to engage with an influential generation." - Charlotte Ward, Corporate Affairs, Ford


  • 1,000,000 people reached
  • 25,000 engagements