Case StudyAutodip: "Forget everything you knew about dip"


Autodip wanted to go beyond the standard banner ad and pages in print, having recognised the full potential of social media as a powerful marketing tool to promote their products.

After comparing us against our competitors they immediately identified the power and presence that Car Throttle had in the automotive aftermarket, and so chose to use our platform to help distribute the video content they were producing.


Having watched Autodip’s content it was decided that native upload to Facebook would perform best.

Our in-house teams came up with the best title and description combinations to make this content resonate with our users - thus giving the best chance of sending it viral.

The video almost did too well - we single handedly managed to crash their website with so much traffic trying to get on to at once.

With the partnership due to continue through to 2017, Autodip have made sure to ready their infrastructure in preparation for the next wave of potential customers.

Results (from first video)