This Is What An Inline-11 Engine Would Sound Like

A computer simulation gives us an insight into how a real i11 engine would sound, and, spoiler alert, it sounds amazing
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Have you ever wondered how an inline 11-cylinder engine would sound? We all know that cylinder-heavy V10 and V12 engines produce a glorious engine noise, so what if we go in the middle of those two, and use a hugely impractical but very intriguing inline layout to boot? Thanks to modern technology, now we can find out.

This i11 simulation comes from a YouTube user by the brilliant name of BeefVellington, and thanks to a neat computer programme that we definitely don’t understand, we get to hear the sound produced by a 5.5-litre inline-11.

This Is What An Inline-11 Engine Would Sound Like

The software even tells us that the engine would produce 440 hp (434bhp) and rev to around 8,000rpm. For those concerned with the nerdy details, the engine’s firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11, just to make things fun.

The video’s creator explains that the engine was created to answer the question, “what would be the worst possible engine layout that could plausibly fit in a road car?”. Safe to say that while the engine would likely be a total catastrophe in real life, it sounds brilliant in the virtual simulation.

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Getting LFA/Carrera GT vibes.

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