Revealed: Max Verstappen's $6.4m personal car collection

The Red Bull Formula One driver owns an impressive fleet of cars!
Revealed: Max Verstappen's $6.4m personal car collection

Max Verstappen’s fast cars are not limited to Formula One circuits.

The Red Bull F1 driver has built up a sizable net worth thanks to his two consecutive championships - and owns a personal car collection to match it.

The cars in his private garage are estimated to be worth around $6.4m.

They include:

  • A yellow Renault Clio - a gift from mum and dad!
  • A Renault R. S. 01 worth $400,000 was his first purchase
  • A Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • Verstappen owns four Aston Martins…
  • A DB11 - the road-approved version of James Bond’s car in the film Spectre. It is worth $200,000 and is fit with orange stitching, a nod to his home country.
  • He also has a 2018 Vantage ($150,000), and a DBS Superleggera ($360,000)
  • His crown jewel in the Aston Martin-Red Bull collaboration - the Valkyrie hypercar - worth $2.7m.
  • Verstappen also owns a Ferrari 488 Pista ($331,000), a Ferrari Monza SP2 ($1.8m), and a Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG ($78,000)

After Verstappen became the youngest-ever race winner (18 years and 228 days) at the 2016 F1 Spanish Grand Prix, his gift to himself was a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, then worth an estimated $400,000.

Revealed: Max Verstappen's $6.4m personal car collection

Verstappen’s prized possession - and one of his four Aston Martins - is the Valkyrie hypercar. It was a collaboration with Red Bull.

Revealed: Max Verstappen's $6.4m personal car collection

Verstappen also owns many other fast toys.

His jet ski in Monaco is worth a reported $20,000.

And his incredible sim-racing set-up is supposedly worth $35,000.


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