This 20,000 RPM One-Cylinder Engine Simulation Sounds Bizarre

The absurd engine has been created in digital form with the help of a simulator, and the result is pretty strange
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YouTuber BeefVellington is back again with another unusual engine simulation, and if you thought the inline-11 engine simulation was absurd, wait until you hear the sound of a 20,000rpm one-cylinder motor. As you’d expect from a 0.3-litre 1-pot forced to rev at such a frankly stupid speed, the result is pretty strange but totally awesome.

According to the creator, the project began its life as an existing Formula 1 engine, though it’s been downscaled to just a single cylinder. The power unit ended up making such little power that a starter motor had to be programmed in to help it get up to speed and change gears.

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It would take some serious engineering to make this micro-motor a reality, but anything is possible. After all, Cosworth built its very own 20,000rpm one-pot engine in order to develop a Formula 1 engine. Who knows, maybe a one-cylinder engine could make it into a production car sooner than we think.

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